Luxury Natural Soap Bars


Candleslitforyou luxury cold pressed soaps, are handmade with herbal essential oils. Soap is a used a cleansing emulsifying agent.  Goats milk base, leaving your skin vibrant, & youthful.  High quality products providing your skin the nutrients it needs. Our soaps gives hydration to the skin, strengthen skin barriers, improve skin elasticity, all while reducing inflammation. 

Our soaps are made to promote healthy skin. If you are suffering from dark spots, wrinkles, eczema, keratosis pilaris, psoriasis, dead cells, irritation, & lack of moisture these products are for you. Listed below are just a few common benefits our natural soaps bring. 

*Pomegranate which contains enzymes down dead skin cells.

*Providing skin protection from the sun, & plumps fine lines.

*Aging properties, Cell Regeneration.

*Improves skin appearance, and increase blood supply to the skin.

*Reduces acne, Redness, Inflammation, Hyperpigmentation

*Paraben Free, Lilal Free, Phthalate Free & More.....  



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